Black Glazing Tape

The Black Glazing Tape provides a non-ceramic fibre glazing.


Sealmaster Black Glazing Tape :-
- A pressure sensitive adhesive liner allows rapid and easy installation into both fire door apertures and fire glazing screens.
- Excellent flexibility and strength however it can be cut easily with scissors or a sharp knife allowing an easy application to glazing beads and other precision-dependent applications.
- Highly insulating thermal behaviour allows it to be used across a very broad range of fire resistant glazing types including integrity, semi-insulating and insulation glasses.
- Suitable for use in either timber, steel or aluminium fire rated glazing systems.


Sealmaster Black Glazing Tape is a new,non-ceramic fibre glazing tape with adhesive liner and is available on a roll. It has been developed to achieve successful fire performance to both BS and EN Standards and it can be used for a very broad range of certified fire resistant glazing applications in doors and screens. The black colour of the product allows for a superior professional glazed finish which remains consistent throughout the lifetime of the fire rated glazing system. Test evidence available on request.

Based on Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) chemistry comprising silica, magnesium and calcium oxides meaning there are no Health & Safety restrictions in its use.
- Excellent insulating properties with very low thermal conductivity.
- Highly compressible and with a smooth surface finish.
- Thermal stability up to 1200�C.
- Lightweight with a density typically of 230kgm-3.
- High flexibility with good resistance to tearing during application.
- Excellent handling strength and mechanical properties.

Product ref: BGT

Certifications: Certifire

Product categories: Fire Glazing Seals



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2mm - 4mm


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