Fire Face

Fire Face provides a thin layer of reinforced high performance fire resistant intumescent material.


FireFace Plus is easily applied without damaging the fabric of the door. It can be fixed beneath or between beads and mouldings. A solvent based contact adhesive is available. Small gaps and joins are made good with Sealmaster Masterseal - a gun-applied intumescent compound which can be sanded and decorated. FireFace Plus can be decorated with emulsion or oil-based paints to match in. FireFace Plus can also be stained or veneered.


FireFace is a thin membrane which is adhered to both sides of thinner or jointed timber door panels and to timber wall panelling to provide up to 30 minutes’ fire resistance. FireFace can later be removed without damaging the fabric of the

The FireFace membrane contain a thin layer of reinforced intumescent material, developed by Sealmaster for this application. During a fire, the intumescent compound swells and chars, insulating the surface of the timber beneath and retarding the effects of heat on the door’s integrity. Between the intumescent layer and the timberwork, a specialised woven layer ensures that even if the panel fissures under intense heat, the risk of ‘flaming’ is avoided.
(Flaming takes place when hot gases escape through a panel and combust on the unexposed face.) 

The latest version of FireFace, FireFace Plus is a mere 1.8mm and offers a woodgrain surface which can be decorated, stained or veneered for a seamless match with surrounding timberwork.
Sealmaster FireFace membranes conform to the strict conventions of the ICOMOS Vienna and Burra Charters. They have passed exhaustive tests carried out in accordance with BS 476 on new and old panelled doors. FireFace has proven a reliable solution when applied to painted surfaces and to softwood panels as thin as 6mm including those with a central unglued joint. 

For details of tests carried out in-house, independently by Warrington Fire Research Centre and by International Fire Consultants, please contact Technical Support.

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