Fire Glaze 60 (Wet)

High performance fire resistant glazing system.


Sealmaster offer intumescent solutions for both glazed openings 
in fire doors and glazed fire screens. For 60 minute fire resistance 
applications these solutions are provided by FireGlaze Compound 
with FireGlaze GL60 liner.


• FireGlaze Compound is a water based acrylic intumescent material 
designed to provide a glazing seal which may be hidden from view 
and without treatments to the timber.
• FireGlaze GL60 liner is an ammonium phosphate based 
intumescent strip developed specifically for 60 minute fire 
resistance glazed timber fire door and screen applications and is 
used in combination with FireGlaze Compound.
• FireGlaze compound has independent fire test and Third Party 
certification evidence for a wide range of fire resisting glasses, 
timbers and opening sizes. It is particularly suitable for curved 
apertures. FireGlaze Compound is installed between the fire 
resisting glass and the timber beads which are fixed with 
appropriate steel pins.
• FireGlaze GL60 liner, as its name suggests, is used to line glazed 
openings in fire doors or fire screens to provide an essential 
intumescent contribution to the the 60 minute fire restance 
performance of these building elements.
• Fireglaze compound is available in 310ml cartridges. (type FGZ)
• Available at 2mm thick and in 2100mm lengths, FireGlaze GL60 
liner is supplied in 45mm, 54mm or 63mm widths as standard. 
Other widths are available to order. (type FGL60

Product ref: FGZ

Certifications: Certifire

Product categories: Fire Glazing Seals



Please Quote, (Product Ref/Size/Colour/Quantity) (Example: FGZ & FGL60/310ml & 2.1m/White/100)



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