Fireglaze Tape

The Fireglaze Tape provides a high performance fire resistant glazing.


Sealmaster Fireglaze Tape is a dry glazing material with a strong adhesive backing to allow rapid and easy installation into both fire door apertures and fire glazing screens.
The material can be easily cut with scissors or a sharp knife and so is very easy to fit to glazing beads and other precision dependent applications.
It also requires no additional surface protection because it is resistant to atmospheric moisture and carbon dioxide.
It can be used with integrity only, semi-insulating and fullyinsulating fire resistant glazing and can be used for fire test durations from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes and beyond.
Sealmaster Fireglaze Tape can also be used as a glazing liner for fire door / screen apertures so this one product can fit two applications where required.
The benefit of using it as both a glazing tape and aperture liner is that when it is used in this combination it forms a thermally resistant "U" shaped protection for the edge of the glazing aiding both integrity and insulation applications.
Sealmaster Fireglaze Tape can also be used for a variety of applications in fire rated composite door systems.


Sealmaster Fireglaze Tape is a new universal medium-pressure intumescent glazing strip material especially developed to satisfy the demand for a dry glazing system for both door and screen fire resistant applications. It has been specifically developed to achieve reliable fire performance in both BS and EN Standard fire test applications of 30, 60 and 90+ minutes. Test evidence available on request.

Sealmaster Fireglaze Tape has been developed to provide excellent high temperature sealing properties combined with the benefit of being a fully flexible strip of intumescent material. It has been formulated to deliver a unique thermal behaviour comprising the benefits of a volume expansion beginning at 180�C, medium pressure intumescence and high thermal erosion resistance whilst being a completely dry system.
The unique thermal behaviour of the product allows it to be used across a very wide range of fire glazing applications. It is particularly useful when volume expansion, thermal insulation and high temperature durability are required.

Sealmaster Fireglaze Tape is a flexible intumescent tape product exhibiting a medium pressure intumescent behaviour when exposed to heating with a degree of expansion of up to 10 times its original volume.
The resistance to thermal erosion is exceptional allowing it to beused with a very broad range of fire glazing systems including 30, 60 and 90 minute applications and beyond.
On exposure to heating the unique chemical formulation allows the product to retain char stability to 1000�C, far surpassing other comparable products currently on the market.

Sealmaster Fireglaze Tape is also available in rigid PVC holders for particular applications and is called Sealmaster Fireglaze Plus.

Product ref: FGT

Certifications: Certifire

Product categories: Fire Glazing Seals



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10mm - 130mm
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