GB15 Intumescent Strips

The GB15 Intumescent Strips provide a high performance fire resistant glazing tape


When Georgian and other period buildings undergo refurbishment or a formal change of use, the level of fire safety protection must frequently be improved to meet modern fire safety standards. Unfortunately it is not possible to fire rate the small panes of glass fixed into thin glazing bars characteristic of the Georgian style because these are consumed so rapidly during a fire. Sealmaster GB15 intumescent strips avoid this problem, giving glazed doors or partitions a Georgian appearance - with a fire rating of 30 or 60 minutes. The glazing bars are fixed to each face of larger panes of Pyran S glass in a lattice framework. To prevent the heat radiated by a fire from igniting the beads on the unexposed side, the bars automatically detach in the first few minutes of a fire- forced away from the glass by the GB15 intumescent strips which swellunder heat to produce the requiredpressure. The large pane then reverts to provide 30 or 60 minute protection (depending on the FireGlaze system used to protect it).


Attractive period effect. 30 or 60 minute fire rating. Quick and simple to fit. Rectangular, fan vent & other patterns.

Suitable for glazed fire doors and fire rated glazed screens where 30 or 60 minutes protection is required. For details of the edging detail, see the pages on glazed screens and fire doors in this leaflet.

Automatically self-detaching during a fire. High pressure graphite-based intumescent strips. Excellent longevity characteristics. Hardwood bars may be decorated or stained.

GB15 intumescent strips, incorporated into the glazing bars are cut to form a lattice and glued together with PVA adhesive. The lattice is attached to each face of a pane of Pyran S fire safety glass with self-adhesive tape, stopping just short of the perimeter frame. Fully illustrated instructions are provided. Sealmaster can recommend experienced contractors and trains interested contractors - without charge.

Product ref: GB15

Certifications: Certifire

Product categories: Fire Glazing Seals



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Additional information

GB15 intumescent strips are supplied at 15mm x 2mm in 2.1m lengths with double sided tape on each side. Suitable hardwood beads, as shown above, are 21mm deep and 22mm wide tapering to 14mm.

Complete details of the performance of GB15, GR10 etc. under test are available for scrutiny from Sealmaster's Technical Department.

No substitution of materials may be permitted. For further information and advice, please contact Sealmaster.

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