IF60 Intumescent Fire Seal

The IF60 provides a high performance fire seal.


In new doorsets, the seal is rebated into the head and jambs of the door frame, and is aligned with the centre of the door edge.The intumescent fire seal is interrupted at the hinges and lock/latch plate positions, and protection at these points is provided by Sealmaster intumescent plugs.


IF60 Intumescent Fire Seal is a 60 minute fire seal, which provides primary protection for single and double leaf, single and double acting fire doors. It is also used in conjunction with IMP seals at the meeting stiles on double doors. 

The intumescent fire seal is extruded from aluminium alloy and contains two reservoirs, each having substantial reserves of Sealmaster intumescent material. 

When heat from the fire reaches the IF60 Intumescent Fire Seal, the intumescent material foams, swells and fills the gaps between the door and the frame. As the foam remains soft during the period of intumescent action, it has the ability to re-seal the gap, should the door warp or be moved for any reason. 


IF60 Intumescent Fire Seals have been tested by TRADA. It was fitted to a 60 minute door assembly and achieved an integrity rating of 71 minutes.


IF60 Intumescent Fire Seals have been tested and approved by Certifire to conform to BS476 part 22. This is the most demanding 3rd party certification scheme in the industry.

Product ref: IF60

Certifications: Certifire

Product categories: Door Edge Seals



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